Strip covers

Strip covers Strip covers Strip covers Strip covers
Our plant produces, rungy covers, by gluing and (on both sides) the rungs made of aluminium or steel to the transporting tape - transporting tape goes in the middle, between the rungs (pictures presented above), the width of rungs - 16 or 20mm due to the size of the cover, break between the rungs - 3mm or dependable on the diameter of writhing.

Alternatively we produce the following things:
  1. Rungs made of aluminium from one side + rungs made of steel from the other side
    - Total thickness approximately 5mm
  2. Bilateral rungs made of aluminium - total thickness approximately 5-6mm
  3. Bilateral rungs made of steel - total thickness approximately 5-6mm 6mm
Due to the environment in which the rungy covers work we can use various types of reinforced transporting tapes and their various thicknesses from 0.8mm to 1.5mm.

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