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Folding covers Cięcie laserem Prasa krawędziowa

The "FUMET" Production Company was established in 1992. For many years it has been one of the leading Polish producers of folding and rolling machinery covers.. The company also produces telescopic segmental covers, steel (metal sheet) covers to all types of machine tools, as well as provides services concerning laser cutting and metal bending.

We now own thousands of technical product documentation sheets for making covers and bellows to be used in grinders, milling machines, lasers, presses, lathes, stone-processing and timber industry machinery as well as other processing machines and unconventional devices (e.g. scissor lifts, electric drill actuators etc.).

Folding covers - leading Polish producer

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Our company manufactures covers and bellows, for the purposes of replacing, reconstruction or restoration of machines. Also, our products can be individually customized so as to fit newly-designed constructions. We own technical product documentation sheets for producing bellow covers to most processing devices by WMW, MAHO, HECKERT, DECKEL as well as Polish Jotes Łódź, FUM Pabianice and ZM Tarnów.

As we employ the best experts in the field of processing machinery renovation, we offer our technical assistance and consulting as well as technical service.

Feel free to acquaint yourselves with our offer, which includes: