Telescopic covers – inquiry form / order

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Description :
Type of machine tool        
Type of shavings            
Number of covers [number]   

Working set of the cover :

vertical slanting diagonal

Type of the cover :
Osłony teleskopowe - typy

Type of the cover {I , II , ..... , X} :

Type of material :   steel     stainless steel     acid resistant steel

Coolant : tak nie

Basic technical data in accordance with informative drafts :

Maximum length after decomposition L max     mm
Minimum length after completion L min        mm
Displacement of the machine L sk             mm
Number of segments                           szt.
Speed of displacement                        m/min
Acceleration                                 m/s
Provide basic dimensions /strong> :

BA     :  mm
Bb     :  mm
HG     :  mm
S 1    :  mm
h1,2,3 :  mm
Bu     :  mm
H21    :  mm
H22    :  mm
HX1    :  mm
HX2    :  mm
BA1    :  mm
BA2    :  mm

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