Folding covers - inquiry form / order

Company data : :
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Number of covers [number]   

Osłony harmonijkowe - rysunek Type of cover (np. 1-A) :

Operating position : pionowa pozioma frontalna

Podstawowe wymiary :
Extended length  (Lmax)     mm
Compressed length (Lmin)    mm
Width of bellows  B         mm
                  B1        mm
                  B2        mm
Height of bellows H         mm
Height of side    H1        mm
                  H2        mm
Fold height       FB        mm
Length of side    A         mm
                  A1        mm
                  A2        mm
Operating conditions:

Ambient temperature : ºC

Temperature of material falling onto bellows : ºC

Protection required against :

In addition, it is advisable to send a dimensioned cross-section drawing

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